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Wholesale Towels, Mats, Bath Robes & Customised Face Mask In Singapore

Rely on a trusted name in the textile industry. Trade Expression was established for the purposes of offering the best services and the finest products to customers in the private and commercial sectors. We set ourselves apart from the competitive by working with each customer to discover their special and distinct needs and goals, working towards them together.

Our substantial manufacturing team provides world-class products. From bath robes to beach towels, we create it all ourselves and sell it direct to the customer. We augment our extensive range with a selection of high-quality products sourced from other respected brands. Rest assured that whether you choose from our own Suavis Collection or products customized to your requirement from our Manufacturing facility, you’re getting a high-quality product that’ll last and last.

Custom towels with embroidery designed by you

We add value to the products from our diverse network of suppliers through custom designs. Whether you’re looking for towels with embroidery for your hotel or simply want some team t-shirts for your employees, we can affix any design of your choosing to the garment or item of your choice.

We are dedicated to serving the most diverse range of customers possible. Our different product ranges have been built and chosen to provide the greatest choice for all of our clients, ensuring that regardless what industry you’re in you’ll find a Trade Expressions product for you.

The affordable hand, sports and beach towel suppliers for private and commercial customers

Browse through the range of wholesale towels, bath mats and other products available from our store and make an enquiry today.

Whether you’re interested in getting a quote, placing an order or simply finding out more about our products and manufacturing process, we’re ready to hear from you. Call our office today on +65 87556598, fill in our contact form or send an email to sales@tradeexpressions.com.sg and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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