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High-Quality Hand Towels for the Singapore Hospitality Industry

Ensure the utmost comfort and hygiene for anyone using your space. Trade Expressions makes and offers for sale a wide variety of hand-towels under our own Suavis Collection brand. Produced in a variety of colours made from high-quality combed cotton woven in longer loops, these are sure to be a cost-effective and useful tool for any business.

Provide your customers with a safe, soft way to dry their hands. Especially in hotels, you don’t want an enormous amount of paper waste to deal with. Give your clients and guests only the best while maintaining a high standard of cleanliness in your establishment with a bulk order of hand towels from our company.

Hand towels for hotels, resorts and spas, restaurants and bars

Whether for a shower stall, a toilet or around a buffet, these are the perfect product for any guest. Ideal for your staff as well as your customers, these durable, absorbent products are suitable for bartenders, waiters, and bathroom attendants. Offered in a variety of colours to ensure they complement any uniform; no kitchen or bar is complete without an ample supply.

Ensure safe handling of food in your kitchen by providing your cooking staff with our towels. No more burned hands or fingerprints on white china with our range.

Provide your guests with only the best beach, body and hand towels

Trade Expressions makes it easy to get the basic supplies any hospitality business needs to ensure comfort and sanitation for both guests and staff. Investigate our bath towels, or provide your gym members with a convenient sports towel.

Contact us with any questions about our range, or enquire about a large order today. Call +65 87556598 or send us a message via our contact form or to sales@tradeexpressions.com.sg.

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Hand Towel – Purple 250 Grams

Hand Towel - Purple Size - 48 cms x 80 cms Weight - 250 Grams

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