Bath Mats

Durable Bath Mats from A Respected Singapore Supplier

Whether they’re stepping out of the shower or trying to get fitter, provide your guests with comfortable, sanitary tools to work with. The Trade Expressions range of yoga mats towels and bath mats are used by hospitality establishments around the country and the region, and performs exceptionally day-in, day-out.Our own Suavis Collection is offered in conjunction with a selection of the most reputable and trustworthy brands from around the world. Whether we make it or simply act as a supplier, you can rest assured that it’s of the highest standard of quality.

A full range of quality-made, durable, absorbent bath mats

Our products might see thousands of your guests a week, so we make sure each and every one is up to the tasks demanded of them. Suitable for commercial laundering, maintenance and sanitation is simple and easy, with the enhanced durability of the product ensuring that even the toughest, most strenuous cleaning procedure doesn’t cause it to fray or tear.Luxuriant, soft and comfortable, these mats add a bit of softness to stepping out of the shower, or help your guests reach out and stretch further during a morning yoga class.

The towel and bath mat supplier you can rely on

Whether you’re looking for a bath towels or anything else, Trade Expressions is able to provide you with the very best products at the most competitive price. Whatever business you run, ensure you’re properly equipped.Got a question, need a quote, or want to make an order? Contact one of the leading suppliers of hospitality consumables in the region for the answers and information you need. Call our office today on +65 87556598 or send us a message via our inquiry form or email to

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