How is the price quoted?

We generally don’t have a certain price quote because it depends on the quantity of your order, sizes required by you, packing details and the measurement, etc.

Do we take up emergency orders?

Professionals at Trade Expressions will not hesitate in working hard and doing their best just to meet the demands of the customers. Therefore, emergency order will be accepted, provided the customer is willing to pay for the air freight charges

What is our exact delivery time for supplying our products?

Customized items: 45 days to 2 months (sea) from the date of purchase
Stocks (Ex- Factory): 20 Days from the date of purchase
Stocks (Ex-Singapore): 2 Days from the date of purchase

Can you explain the payment modes and other terms?

For International Clients – Telegraphic Transfer or Letter of Credit (30% payment in advance)
For Singapore Clients – Cash or Cheque are accepted

What is the MOQ for items that are customised?

MOQ is applicable for customised Towels, T-shirts, Uniforms, Bed Linens, etc.

For various items the MOQ is as follows-
Customized Cotton Towels (with embroidery): Bath Towels: 500pcs
Beach Towels: 500pcs
Face Towels: 1000pcs
Hand Towels: 1000 pieces

Plain Cotton Towels: Depends entirely on the availability of stock (we provide hand towels, bath towels, face towels and beach towels)
Bed sheets: 500 pieces
Customized t-shirts: 200 pieces

Can you mention the dimensions of cotton towels available with you?

Beach Towels: Average Weight – 700 grams, Dimensions – 180centimeters*107centimeters
Bath Towels: Average Weight – 290 grams, Dimensions – 122centimeters*61centimeters
Bath Towels: Average Weight – 350 grams, Dimensions – 140centimeters*70centimeters
Hand Towels: Average Weight – 125 grams, Dimensions – 75centimeters*40centimeters
Hand Towels: Average Weight – 125 grams, Dimensions – 85centimeters*35centimeters
Face Towels: Average Weight – 45 grams, Dimensions – 31centimeters*31centimeters

What is the range of our product supply?

We provide a large number of products for medical and school establishments. These products include Uniforms, T-shirts, Cotton Towels (Beach Towels, Bath Towels, Hand Towels and Face Towels), Table Mats, Table Cloth, Bed Sheets, Bath robe and Bath Mats.

Our products are made of which fabrics?

100% cotton is used in making all our products. However, other fabrics like polyester and cotton blends can be used in making customised products.

Can we provide customized products?

Of course. We provide customized results in our products like in T-shirts incorporating different styles, different dimensions for towels, bed sheets, table mats and table cloth etc. We also provide customized embroidery and printing services to our customers.

What is our customized order sampling policy?

As soon as we receive accurate and detailed specifications from our customers, we provide them with a free replica. However, extra charges will be levied on samples that are requested after the first sample is ordered.